Vladyslava Kanevska

“It was a wonderful and surprising journey”

Vladyslava Kanevska“Ten transformational coaching sessions with Lara Homans was one of the biggest challenges I let myself to go through. Session by session, step-by-step, with a specially designed internal process, I opened the new aquifers of my life. It was a wonderful and surprising journey!”

You know, self-discovery is a long and, sometimes, unpleasant thing… You should be brave enough and develop your own internal system of acceptance of any discovery that might happen. Also, it is crucial to have somebody who can guide you in such a journey, who can support you in redefining the “New-You,” and care about your ability passing safely through uncomfortable moments and edges…

Do I see an end of this journey? Of course not! Because I am now on MY WAY and able to recognize, accept, and deal with many circumstances I am facing, including challenges, shadows and insights. The skills I developed during the coaching sessions are also very helpful in my professional life. Being a mediator and facilitator I support people and organizations in change and conflict resolution processes, so I see a lot of opportunities to incorporate important coaching approaches I learned while working with Lara Homans.

Vladyslava Kanevska,
Mediator, Facilitator, Coach, and Trainer


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