Transforming the World – One Person at a Time!

The first and mostly waited news here, on my new website, is about the book,  to  which I contributed my story. Pebbles in the Pond: Transforming the World One Person at a Time (Wave 3)officially launches on Tuesday, June 24, 2014.I am so honored and happy to have shared my story, “A Vital Shift: From Inner Child to Inner Captain”, in this transformational and inspirational anthology, leaded by Christine Kloser.


Pebbles in the Pond (Wave Three) is an important new bestseller that shows readers how to successfully navigate their way through the challenges of life and empower them to view their biggest difficulties, struggles, and heartbreaks as preparation for their greatest transformation, and contribution to the world.


Pebbles in the Pond(Wave Three) contains priceless advice and easy-to-follow wisdom from the twenty-five co-authors and experts from around the world, including best-selling author and world-renowned  Transformational Catalyst, Christine Kloser; top speaker and author featured in the hit movie and best-selling book,  TheSecret, Lisa Nichols; multiple New York Times best-selling author, acclaimed speaker, and transformational leader SARK. These authors generously share their personal stories and straight-from-the-heart experiences, as they invite readers to discover how to transform their own challenges into the greatest gifts and blessings in their lives.


Pebbles in the Pond (Wave Three) reveals:

  •  A diverse group of messengers whose stories are unique, yet whose messages have a common thread of inspiration, hope, healing, transformation, and new possibilities.
  •  Quick, effective methods to overcome confusion and gain clarity to create a vision that will light the way to success in every area of life.
  •  How one transformed life can cause ripples of good that expand out into the world – just like a “pebble in the pond.”
  •  The ideas and techniques in this book will help all those who read it to see themselves as someone whose life can truly make a difference.  The goal of this book is to help readers transform their own lives and then guide others to do the same — including in the home, workplace and community.


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Pebbles in the Pond_Cover

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