Lara’s Story

LH-Website_Lara's-Story_PIcture-1Hi, I’m Lara Homans!

I am honored to greet you and speak to you here.

My mission is to empower you to succeed in your life – personal, professional, social – by discovering your transformational, powerful and enlightening stories.

I found my life’s passion and new professional path after spending twenty years in business communications. Through an in-depth, self-discovering journey I learned how to find, accept, and transform different life stories (even painful stories) into inspiring and healing ones. I became a Transformational Story Coach, and now helps experienced professional women find an inner source of vital and creative energy by learning, loving, and leading their life stories.

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I strongly believe that every story matters. Your stories matter!

Have you already found, learned, and embraced your true, authentic stories? Have you already extracted a unique gift and life-lasting wisdom hidden in your stories? I wish you to see your life’s stories as your blessing, light, and power!

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My Story

I grew up in a big family in Ukraine, which was a part of the former Soviet Union that time.  From my early childhood I love listening to and telling I stories. My first storytellers were my Mother and My Grandmother. I also liked writing my own stories.

I started my professional carries as a reporter of a local newspaper. Guess, what I loved doing there? Of course, I tried finding as many stories as possible by asking people to tell my readers and me about their lives, carriers, and interests…

Leaving my small hometown at 19, I studied journalism and graduated the Kyiv State University (Ukraine). Later I worked for the regional newspaper in the Western Ukraine.

In April 1994 I took a chance to change my professional way by joining to the first international project in Ukraine, implemented by International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group). It was the most exiting of times, on privatization small and middle state-owned business.Being strongly interested in people’ lives, behaviors, and learning patterns, I decided to get the second university degree in Phycology. It helped me to open another professional areas and enrich my experience as a Training Manager of IFC by serving more than 25 developmental projects in almost all post-Soviet countries.

Realizing my passion for adult learning, my life journey included training and consultancy experiences, I started developing and conducting training sessions and workshops as well as long-terms programs for numerous international and national organizations, projects, and companies. Those years were filled with personal development and stories!

The professional story continued by joining kmbs [Kyiv Mohyla Business School], the leading business school in Ukraine as a MBL program leader and faculty member.

Looking for new opportunities in professional and personal development, I found coaching and then I realized that this area is an amazing space where I could combine and connect all my life and professional experiences. I discovered more than the new carrier! I truly opened a new way in my life – Transformational Story Journey! I had the great opportunities to be trained by Debbie Ford on Integrative Coaching Certified Program (The Ford Institute, USA) and by Lisa Bloom on the Story Coaching Certified Program (Israel).

Now, I coach, train, and consult professional women discovering their true, powerful and inspiring stories which help them to de-stress their busy-life and find an inner source of vital energy and inspiration.

specialI am honored, delighted and feel really blessed to be able to empower people world-wide through Transformational Authors community, the newly published bestselling anthology Pebbles in the Pond: Transform One Person at the Time (Wave Three). You can read my transformational story here

My family lives in Kyiv, Ukraine. My gorgeous and creative daughter Yevgeniya and my wise and energetic husband Robert are my best friends and supporters in all my initiatives, projects, and life-challenging events. Also, they are the first listeners and readers of my stories!

Check in with Blog to read some of my earlier stories and to see how my life’s story continues!




Lara Homans found her life’s passion and new professional path after spending twenty years in business communications. Through an in-depth, self-discovering journey she learned how to find, accept, and transform painful life stories into healing and inspiring ones. She became a Transformational Story Coach, and now she works with the professional women who are overcommitted and exhausted by having achieved challenging goals and yet feel that they have missed out on fulfilling some important life desires. She helps them re-discover their vitality and creative energy, so they can transform their career and personal lives.

Click here to book Lara’s free session on “Discovering Your Powerful Story”.