It’s Not About Learning English…

… It was a grey and gloomy morning in January 1999.  At 11:30 a.m. I came back from my first interview in English. My husband (my late husband now) was waiting for me at the holding alley at the old University’s building. He was looking at me with “So, how was it?” in his eyes.


Four months before, I had applied to a 2-year post-graduate international program. It was more than a challenging decision. I jumped on board at the last minute –collecting all necessary papers in record time. Though I was very interested in the program, I really didn’t believe that I would be considered and get through the competitive first screening for the program.  Then right before the New Year I received a letter telling me that I was selected as a semi-finalist. It meant that in the coming 6 weeks I needed to pass TOEFL and GRE. I was really, really scared…


How I could pass the exams seeing that I had only started learning English from ‘zero’ just one year ago? A solution came into my mind immediately.

I had to intensify my English studies. Soon after I invited a second private English teacher; I believed that six classes a week with 2 teachers would help me prepare further.


During the New Years’ holiday, my 10-year old daughter hardly saw me but heard my voice continuously repeating (in English!) “My name is … I am working for…”

I was working hard to memorize the key phrases, listening to the tapes and practicing my writing.


Several days before the scheduled interview with the program’s representative

I was tired and frustrated. When I was trying to “play the interview”, I wasn’t able to say more than two or three sentences. Something was blocking me, and neither my English teachers nor I knew what to do. I was almost ready to capitulate and even started drafting my “no show letter”.


My husband patiently observed how I was challenging myself, he asked me:

“What were you the most scared of?”

“If I go to the interview and can’t speak at all…”

He knew that it was my perfectionism that was stopping me. I was afraid to speak with mistakes in front of native speakers.


Then, he made a suggestion. “Stop all your preparations, take away all books and notes. Your only task is to rest before the interview.”


He also said that if it turned out that I really couldn’t speak during the interview at all, he would stop smoking at the same day. I laughed and understood that this was a crazy promise from him. He had been smoking for 20 years with no intention to stop. He must really believe in me!


… At that morning moment he looked at me with a question “So, how was it?” in his smiling eyes. I just said, “I have no idea what I was talking about or how many mistakes I made. But I did it!”


… It was just one story, one moment of on-going journey of self-discovery.

The realization that I have an innate knowing about what I need to do and who I need to be that has led me to my current passion in coaching grounded on transformational stories.


Today I can help you discover your path to what makes you wake up and re-ignite your passion, sense of purpose and hidden potential to lift up your life by learning your challenging and powerful stories.


I am delighted to invite you for your ultimate journey of discovery!

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With Love and Gratitude to Your Stories,

Lara Homans