Diana Chernyavska

 “Coaching helped me find the answers to burning questions”

Diana ChernyavskayaThe ability to recognize new opportunities in your life journey is inherent in many, but the ability to see it in an unfamiliar approach for personal development which is hard to perceive or estimate is just a talent. So, I was lucky to become one of the first coachees of Lara Homans on integrative coaching. For quite a time I had been searching not for just a coach who would asking me questions about my dream  for helping me to achieve it,  but who would be a master of a proven and structured methodology which had been supported by scientific grounds and personal experience. And moreover such a coach would be supposed to have gone through the same program, and it made a big difference leading to significant changes in her/his life.

The integrative coaching  provided by Lara Homans was the one. It also was an essential stage in my life – it came to my life at right time and helped me to find the answers to burning questions. If I were asked whether there have been any changes in my life myself that I had expected, I  would have said “yes”, probably, even more than I had expected. Was it easy? No. However, I am glad that I have done this – definitely “yes” and the results  in some respects have surpassed my expectations. If you are looking for coaching program for yourself these are three  success drivers which might help you to make a right a choice – Integrative coaching:


  • The personal problem (request) which wakes you up at night.
  • Your open mind and readiness for changes whatever they would be after the program with proved methodology.
  • The trusted coach.


I have been fortunate in my life to be a learner of the professional I trust and believe in their best talents for coaching. Integrative coaching is lifelong lasting effect program with a exceptional journey of discovering yours truly self.

Diana Chernyavska,

Team coach and Talents Advisor

Partnerships Academy