Are You Ready to Meet the Bestselling Authors?

Finally, I have in my hands a paperback copy of my first published book. Pebbles in the Pond: Transforming One Person at a Time (Wave Three), to which I contributed my story, already became an international bestseller in many countries. Though I had the privilege read all the stories before the book has been published, I am so exited to start re-reading them again. I am doing it with a deep gratitude to all the co-authors who became more than just my new friends. I am thinking about them as the closed members of a new extended writers’ family. I am delighted to introduce these talented soul-driven authors from different countries to you, my respected readers. Are you ready to meet the bestselling authors?  Let’s start now!


Please join me by warmly greeting Christine Kloser, compiler of Pebbles in the Pond: Wave Three (as well as two previous Waves), “The Transformational Catalyst,” and award-winning author.  Christine powerfully combines spiritual guidance and intuition, with nuts-and-bolts transformational writing, publishing and marketing expertise.  The result of her soul-driven work is a global movement of aspiring authors who unleash their authentic voices, share their messages on the pages of a book and make their differences in the world.  Trusted and celebrated by aspiring authors and publishing industry leaders for her down to earth, authentic and inspiring approach, Christine has become the well-recognized leader of the transformational author movement having trained more than 55,000 authors in less than 4 years.

I love Christine’s story, which opened Pebbles in The Pond: Wave Three – “Frank Sinatra Was Right – Do It Your Way.”  To read this story as well as other ones, just grab your copy of the bestselling book at

As Christine recently mentioned in her weekly newsletter, her story received a ton of positive feedback, and she decided to share it as the article, too.

“I know you will find value in reading it”, said Christine. I fully agree.

So, please join me reading this article right now.


Christine Kloser: Frank Sinatra Was Right – Do It Your Way

It was the morning of December 1st, 2011, and I was getting dressed to speak at an event in Baltimore, Maryland. This was my first live speaking engagement after having gone through a “dark night of the soul” in 2010.

That dark night was the most challenging thing I’d ever experienced. I had gone from having a relatively successful business, a best-selling book, being the “picture” of success, to losing it all – my home, my business (through a challenging partnership dissolution), almost my marriage… right down to having to file for bankruptcy.

Today when I look back on what had happened to get me to that dark place, I realize that I hadn’t been true to myself. I had been chasing some illusion of what I thought I “should” be doing, how I thought my business “should” look, who I “should” be working with, and how I “should” be working with them.

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